Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tonight, I celebrate my potato.

No, "I celebrate my potato" is not some feminist metaphor for self-pleasure, or anything like that.  It means, I am excited and happy about my potato!

It is getting colder and we are in the midst of all those preprations one must make for winter in these parts.  This requires UN-DOING all the things we did in the spring.  We close all the storm windows, turn off the water to the outdoor spigots, empty the bird bath and fill the bird feeders.  I tore out all the plants I had put into my two new garden boxes this spring, planning to fill them with the leaves we rake up, to make even better dirt next year.

I did a lot of fussing about the garden boxes and as a result, I didn't didn't get them finished and planted until quite late.  I ended up putting in too many tomatoes, and they took over and engulfed all my other vegetables, including two little potato plants.  I had cut a potato in half and buried it even though I had been told I had missed optimum planting season.  I was told if the plants didn't spend enough time in the ground to grow flower buds, they couldn't make any new potatoes.  So I didn't expect anything.  I never saw flowers, and soon, I didn't see the plants, anymore-- but wonder of wonders!  While pulling up frost-killed tomatoes, I found potatoes!  Only three, but I thought they were worth celebrating by turning them into a big pot of clam chowder.  YUM!

I'm busy writing and editing scary stories for a horror magazine.  More about that next time.  Also, I hope to be celebrating my new sofa.  Man, my life is exciting!!!!  

I guess I'm making Thanksgiving dinner next week.  We're having our friends Paul Clark and Paul Aronson as guests.  This is the first time in about twelve or fourteen years that I've cooked a Thanksgiving dinner.  The last time was in Detroit, when my foster-baby Christina was two, and I didn't have Hannah yet.   Wanna see what Christina (she prefers "Tina") looks like now?

I feel old. 
(Proud, but old.)

Anyway, folks.  Have a happy holiday. F and R

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